Ghillie 6 Pack Garnish

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What is 1-Ply fiber?
A single strand of this fiber is equal in diameter to a strand you would pull out of a burlap bag. The nice thing about this product is that it's provided to you pre-shredded, and you have to pull strands from the bundle like string cheese and tie it onto your clothing or equipment. It's a massive time-saving over de-stranding an ole' burlap bag like the guys did in the 80's!

Applying 1-Ply jute to your Clothing / Equipment
Pull strands away from the bundle and loop or shoe-not tie it onto your clothing or equipment. Some folks use 4-inch zip ties to hold the base of the knots in place, and this ensures greater staying power in your clothing. You can cut the fiber strands in half or thirds to achieve texture and depth for your garnished ghillie suit. We do not suggest tying ALL your fiber at the provided length, as it may produce a "Stringed Spaghetti" look.