Lightweight Baofeng Radio Pouch

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The most commonly used radio in clandestine activities and other hobbies is the Baofeng UV-5R. They are cheap and easy to program; however, their small size means they won't fit well in standard radio pouches sized for military radios like the PRC-148 and PRC-152.


Only now has a commercially available radio pouch precisely sized and purpose-built for Baofeng-style radios. Sized for Baofeng UV5R series radios with an extended battery pack, this specifically designed pouch fits the needs of Baofeng users. This Lightweight Pouch is designed to retain the handset securely and allow for rapid access with single-handed, non-visual operation. Made from a combination of 500D Multicam Cordura and 3-inch Multicam Jacquard Webbing, the radio pouch attaches to standard MOLLE webbing via the lightweight MALICE CLIPS®.