Web Dominator

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The Web Dominator is designed to assist operators in securing their loose nylon web straps and to help tie down any items you don’t want hanging loose off your kit. The Web Dominator is the perfect solution to secure your hydration tube or comms gear in a custom position to suit your setup. The field-replaceable design allows you to install and remove without cutting or sewing. The elastic cord knot can be modified for securing large or small items or bundles of webbing. Eliminate those nasty hanging web straps that present potential trip and snagging hazards by installing the Web Dominator on your gear.

These are invaluable for securing your hydration hose during a GORUCK event. Nothing is worse than a hydration hose that flops around and drags through the mud. Secure it to your shoulder strap with one of these, and always know where it is.


  • Eliminates excess webbing trip/snag hazards
  • 100% Berry Compliant made in the U.S.A.
  • Split bar field replaceable feature
  • Secures webbing, cords, wires, excess materials
  • Elastic shock cord
  • Easy adjustment
  • Silent
  • Can be attached to 1” webbing